Our properties in traspaso (transfer of business) in Catalonia on the Costa-brava

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Business for sale on the Costa-Brava in Spain, buy a restaurant, café, bar, bakery business, buy or sell a business with Reseau RB on the Costa-Brava in Spain, but also for transfer or transaction , a commercial lease, an estimate of a property type, tapas bar to be handed over, and business for sale in Spain, advertisements for real estate and commercial property, restaurant with terrace, official announcement of sales of lounge cocktail bars for sale and commercial building leases. Business for sale (business transfer) in Spain, find our ads on the sites, 1000-ads, place des commerce, SME transfer, milanuncios, expat.com, Buy a business in Spain for sale, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Café , Bar, Snack, Tapas Bakery. Agency with a large part of French speaking French, Belgians, Swiss, we support you from the start of your project until its realization, with the help of obtaining a gestor (accountant), bank, notary, lawyer. We would like to warn future buyers when purchasing a business in Spain, some often wish to go direct in order to avoid agency fees. You should know that each country in the European Union has its own rules. commercial, so many are cheated on businesses where debts are present, and in this case you take over the business with these debts, hence the interest in going through an agency so that it can consult the administrations in order to be aware of possible debts such as the tributaria agency (taxes), autonomos (social security), tax with the municipality (household waste tax, housing tax, parking tax, etc.). On the other hand, you should know that Spanish banks will not grant you financing for the acquisition of a professional business if you do not have a guarantee on Spanish soil, which would be identical in the other direction, it you will need to apply for a NIE (Foreign Identification Number), open a bank account and in the case of an S.L (equivalent to the SARL) by depositing the capital of €3,200, then you will need to have your status drawn up with from a lawyer or gestor, finally sign your statutes at the notary. A question ? contact us.