RB network is: Sales, rentals and professional transactions

Welcome to our site for the sale of business assets and the rental of commercial premises. RESEAU RB ( Relation Business) specializes in the acquisition and transaction between professionals. Our new offices have recently been located in Empuriabrava on the Costa Brava in the region of Girona in Spain (Catalonia) in order to cope with an increased development of its network and to have a strategic point with our global partners.

You will discover through this site, all the properties that we have in Spain, in Europe and in certain countries of the world through our partners. Know that each good put online has been the subject of an internal audit or a private audit, in order to arrive at a coherent selling price according to a turnover and various accounting elements. Our RESEAU RB (Relation Business) has established itself on the European market as a professional in business transactions between professionals and with its partnership with ITS (International Transactions Service) it is present in nearly 83 countries around the world. such as the European community, Russia, Great Britain, China, Japan, Africa, Maghreb, Canada, United States, etc ...

We also offer you, throughout your acquisition or transaction process, to support you with a professional in the areas of administrative, legal, tax and accounting formalities. Other services will be offered to you for your installation such as craftsmen (for any embellishment or transformation work), assistance in finding or purchasing housing, referrals (accountants, banks, suppliers ).The services we provide are not just business real estate, we take charge of your project from start to finish.

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